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Playing and teaching about African American music in all styles including pre-blues

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Welcome to my website. My intention is to use this site to make various materials and ideas that interest me available to you. It's also the home of Dr. Scott's Moonshine Band. I've chosen a traditional website because I cannot commit to daily interaction with visitors and because there are things that I want to make available here on a longer term basis. I'll add new things regularly but will also have some of the content that I had on my old Artists in Exile site years ago.

A Note on the Initial Content

The artist Daryl Harris suggested that I put some of my photography here and I'm happy to indulge myself. That was the catalyst for my coming back to the web after about a nine year absense.

I had a lot of fun with my Artists In Exile Site in the 1990s and hope to revive some of that content as well. That site was a place where I could share some of my anthropological reseach on jazz and blues musicians. With this site I'll do a little more.

Most of all you'll find things about Dr. Scott's Moonshine Band here as well as the occasional note or two about the fantastic Irish band, Another Pint with whom I play guitar. 

Please feel free to contact me with your comments and ideas.


- Updated May 2014